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Are the Cleveland Cavaliers going to re establish themselves as a Play-off team this season?

Updated: Feb 10

J.B. Bickerstaff and Co have certainly been the dark horses in the early runnings of this NBA campaign. Last seasons Cavaliers notched up a worrying record of 19-46 and left critics wondering how long it would take for the Cavs to bounce back and re ignite themselves back into the play offs picture. Many critics questioned after the 2017-18 season whether Cleveland could live life without ‘King’ Lebron James who is arguably the greatest basketball player of all time after he chose to delve into free agency and opted to sign a mega deal in the west coast with the Los Angeles Lakers. However, this is the season I believe the Cavs can re establish themselves as a play off contention team, I mean have you seen the way they have been playing this season, they look like a totally different team out there am I right? The grit. The determination. It’s some of the best I’ve seen from a Cleveland side personally. With a 90's Pistons like dirty play style the Cavs have been bullying a lot of teams, especially in the paint. Adding Jarrett Allen and Taurean Prince to the roster from the blockbuster Harden trade has no doubt added even more fire power to a hungry Cavs team. Cleveland’s main scoring asset Collin Sexton has also proven to me and many more basketball fans this season that he deserves an All Star spot later on this year with his frighting speed, agility and crafty finishing, we witnessed all this in abundance as sexton single handedly ruined the new terrifying trio of the Brooklyn Nets big debut night as Sexton dropped 42 points to earn the Cavs a double overtime win. His partner in crime, Darius garland, has also been vital in the starting 5 using his mid range and lovely footwork to pick up valuable points. Andre Drummond has also been a major piece in the Cavs jigsaw with his magnificent rebounding abilities which has helped the Cavs massively in games. In the NBA 2020 Draft, Cleveland Cavaliers selected Issac Okoro from Auburn and this man has certainly strengthened an area of the Cavs that has been needing strengthening for long time now, which is the defence in the side. It’s still early doors in this weird (for obvious reasons) but wonderful NBA season, but I really do believe this young and courageous Cavs team can strive to a play off spot this season. However, we all know they still are in their rebuilding process due to the previous mention of losing prize asset Lebron James, so there is still more room for work and improvement but there is certainly a special spark in that Cleveland camp this season.

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Written by Harry Twort


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