• Harry Twort

“At first I was in shock” Ben Thompson on being teammates with Tim Cahill and more!

The other day, I had the opportunity and pleasure to chat with Millwall midfielder Ben Thompson. Thompson, 25, made his Millwall debut in August 2014 as a substitute against Premier League side Southampton in a Captial One cup tie. Since then the rest is history, as he has gone on to make 132 appearances for the lions and has hit the back of the net 9 times so far with his first goal coming against Wycombe Wanderers (as of April 10th 2021). Ben also had a stint out on loan at Portsmouth in the 2018-2019 season where he made 23 appearances and scored 2 times.

For all of his life Ben has been a huge Millwall fan and talked to me on what it was like to make his debut for his boyhood club, what it was like being around Tim Cahill when he returned to the den, which manager has been the most influential in his career, his best moment in a Millwall shirt and one thing he wants to accomplish with Millwall before he moves on.

What was it like making your debut for Millwall?

“Yeah special moment for me and my family. It was the last 20 mins of a League Cup game against Southampton. A day I won’t forget!”

When Tim Cahill made his return to The Den what was it like being around him and training with someone you must have idolised as a kid? Did you perhaps learn anything from him that you have adapted to your own game?

“Obviously at first I was in shock, I think there’s a video online of when I walked into the changing room for the first time and saw him. His shirt was next to mine! He’s a top top bloke and player and it was brilliant to play along side him and call him a team mate. He’s a clever man and always has advice for people who needed it”

Which manager would you say has been the most influential in your career so far?

“Neil Harris, I worked with him for a long time in the U23’s and first team along with his assistant Dave Livermore who was also my U18’s coach. Those 2 are a big part of my career and I have huge respect for them. Great guys and great people”

Your best moment in a Millwall shirt?

“Got to be promotion from league one to the championship. The season as a whole was special and the after parties were even better!So many good memories I could pick from, Bradford in the play off semi finals, starting a chant at Leeds away, scoring 2 at Birmingham... the list goes on”

When all is said and done what is one thing you want to accomplish with as a Millwall player?

“Well I’ve always said in my lifetime I’ve always wanted to see Millwall in the premiership so let’s hope it can happen while I’m still a player!”

It is clear to see as expected, Ben is living the dream playing for the club he grew up following and is lucky enough to have worked with people he grew up watching and idolising along the way of his career. Anytime Thompson plays in a lions shirt he gives it he’s all, as Millwall isn’t just any old club to him and passion is a trait us Millwall fans love to see from our players.

Written by Harry Twort