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Chi Ezennolim on bouncing back from being released and more!

Earlier this week, I caught up with Welling United’s latest addition Chi Ezennolim. Chi, 19, plays as a Left Back and joined the wings after being released by Millwall in 2020, but was nabbed up by Welling after impressing in numerous games on trial with the Vanarama South side. I caught up with Chi on how he dealt with being released, who made him the player he is today and what his life is like in the Semi-Pro game so far.

How did you bounce back from being released?

“It was hard you know I went on trial at a few clubs but all said the same thing “your good but we like what we’ve got at the moment” so I just sat with my dad and he said go for a good first team and a good opportunity came up with welling so I went to the trial and I loved the project the gaffer and Tristan were planning so I decided to stay.”

Who would you say pushed you to become the player you are today?

“I’d say my parents and myself because my parents know I have a lot of friends in academies and they always say you need to out work them in order to find your way back to the top. So I’ve always carried that with me in what ever I’m doing.”

From what you have learnt so far, what aspects of the Semi-Pro game are different to the level of academy football you played at with Millwall?

“The men’s game is a lot quicker the speed of thought and decision making is crazy I’m still getting used to that. Making the right decision in the right place.”

What was your initial reaction when you were offered a contract at Welling? Must have been a proud moment for you and your family.

“Yeah it was I was really happy when the gaffer said he’s like to offer me a contract. My family were really happy.”

What is one bit of advice you would give to a player who has recently been released?

“Just don’t take some time to calm down and find yourself first and understand that you're not in that environment anymore Gods got a plans for everyone just believe in gods timing over anything.”

Clear to see that Chi doesn’t take no for an answer! His determination has clearly been key in getting him where he is at the moment along with his footballing ability. The sky is the limit for him and we wish him and Welling all the best for their upcoming season.


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