• Harry Twort

HF Media Exclusive: Charlie Duffield on what the often glamourised sport of boxing is really like

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure to speak with Light-Heavyweight prospect Charlie Duffield on what life inside the tough and gritty sport of boxing is really like. Duffield is currently training under the ‘Tibbs boxing stable’ in Rainham, Essex and is currently 7-2 with 6 of his wins coming by way of knockout. However like many fighters, Duffield hasn’t been as active as he would have liked lately, due to the pandemic causing a huge domino effect on the sport of boxing. Duffield has boxed on many world class undercards, including the undercard of Dillian Whyte Vs Joseph Parker at the O2 Arena, where he picked up a win against Reinis Porozovs inside 3 rounds.

Charlie shared with me what got him into boxing, the importance of keeping a gym-life balance whilst in camp and his day to day training regime leading up to a bout.

What enticed you to Boxing growing up?

“Growing up I was always an active kid and tried a few different sports but boxing was the one I took to the most. My dad was the one who said try boxing as I was a little sh*t and was always fighting, but boxing taught me how to control my temper and to only fight in the ring”

How important is it to strike a gym-life balance in camp?

“Really important because I still have to be a committed dad and husband. Camp goes on for some time, so if I don't get the balance right, I’d either be neglecting my training or neglecting my family which would only have a negative effect. I also work as a PT so have to also make sure I adapt my working diary also. It’s a lot to manage but important to get the balance right.”

What is your day to day training regime like when you're training for an upcoming fight?

“My daily regime is normally to wake up early and go boxing training. I normally spar like 3 times a week. Monday to Friday normally train twice a day and I normally do boxing training every morning then strength in the afternoons or running, swimming, cycling, etc. Then most evenings I do a few hours with PT clients. Saturday I normally do track work or hill sprints then Sunday is my rest day.”

“I also normally try to have a sports Massage every 2 weeks and an Ice chamber.”

It’s clear to see that Duffield’s life within the sport of boxing is very busy and it's clear life is a juggling act for Duffield, balancing camp with his family time and also being a personal trainer.

From my perspective, I can imagine Charlie doesn’t often have a boring day! Also, from personal experiences I have seen the sacrifice and commitment the fighters go through in the gym. At times boxing can be the loneliest sport in the world as one moment you can be on top of the world and everyone is cheering your name, but the next moment you can hit rock bottom and the public don’t want to know you anymore. The sport is not for the faint hearted and I without a doubt take my hat off to Charlie Duffield for doing what he does and the consistency he does it at.

Written by Harry Twort