• Dylan Munowenyu

Lara shocks the boxing world with vicious KO over Warrington

Mauricio Lara stunned the boxing world at The SSE Arena in Wembley on Saturday night after a magnificent performance against NO.1 featherweight Josh Warrington. The bout started with Warrington moving slower than he usually would appearing to be over cautious of Lara’s power, however Warrington looked the more dominant fighter in the early stages as he successfully connected a variety of counter punches on the inexperienced Lara in the first round which lead to the Mexican getting a cut above his right eye.

As the fight progressed both fighters were continuously leaving themselves exposed to multiple stiff jabs, this type of error is expected from young fighters like Lara but for 30-year old Warrington this carelessness would prove costly as the fight went on. Despite being ahead on many peoples score cards Warrington was courageously holding on in the latter stages of round 4 after Lara shook Warrington with a strong left hook, Lara continued to connect strong punches on the shaken pro as his guard slowly dropped allowing Lara to knockdown Warrington with another strong left hook.

Going into round 5 Warrington was put under early pressure from the underdog as he landed several punches to the head, the former IBF title holder used his experience to connect several counter punches on Lara which proved effective in the early rounds and gave Warrington some breathing room. After 3 rounds of powerful exchanges between the fighters, Warrington entered the 9th still looking shaken from the 4th round knockdown. Lara put the ‘Leeds Warrior’ on the back foot straight away and 3 minutes into the round landed a fierce 3 punch combination ending with another left hook that left Warrington stunned and struggling to hold his guard. After throwing 5 more powerful left hooks, Lara knocked out Warrington with an accurate combination of a right hand to the body and a devastating left to the head.

An extraordinary performance from Mauricio ‘Bronco’ Lara demonstrating his immense power on a dismal Warrington as his strong left hooks proved to be too much for Warrington to handle. However, defensively both fighters were poor with simple stiff jabs and body shots connecting and with the experience that Warrington has this was simply not good enough if he still has plans to challenge other world champions in the featherweight division. Warrington failed to utilise the openings that the young fighter was leaving by being too aggressive, if Warrington focused on the counter punching that was very successful in the early rounds he would have stood a better chance against his opponent.

Many fans around the world will be looking forward to the next time Lara steps in the ring but unfortunately for Warrington there are questions that will need to be answered if he is to bounce back from this devastating loss.

Written by Dylan Munowenyu