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Not Your Average April: Steph Curry’s Historic Month in the NBA

Steph Curry is one of the biggest names throughout the entirety of the NBA and is credited with changing the way basketball is played throughout all levels of the sport.

The three-time NBA champion may have missed out on the play-offs thanks to the Warriors losses to the LA Lakers and the Memphis Grizzlies in the play-in rounds, yet Curry’s monumental performances in the final games of the regular season deserve to be talked about.

Just how good was he?

Curry has been named MVP on two occasions throughout his career, both in seasons that will go down in basketball history, yet such were his displays in April, it wouldn’t be absurd to suggest that this season may be his best yet at a personal level.

He averaged an impressive 37.3 points throughout the 15 games he played in the month, scoring above 30 points in 11 straight games and racking up five plus 40-point games as well – a record for the most 40 point games for a player over 33 years of age in a single month.

Golden State’s golden boy is known for his deadly accuracy from three-point territory and this reputation was justified even further as he sunk 96 threes – a record for the most in a single month and more than Larry Bird recorded in the entirety of his tw o season’s as the NBA’s most successful three-point shooter (1985/86 – 82 threes, 1986/87 – 90 threes.)

Not only does this show the remarkable output of Curry’s shooting from deep, it also indicates just how much of an impact his game has had on the league.

To put this already staggering statistic into further perspective, Curry’s April total from beyond the arc is greater than eight of the highest season totals since 1980.

The icing on the cake of Curry’s awesome April came in the Warriors’ 116-107 victory over Denver Nuggets as he overtook Wilt Chamberlain to become the all-time leading scorer for Golden State.

He did in style, putting up 53 points to surpass the record that has been in place since 1964, making 10/18 (55.55%) three-pointers and shooting 14/24 (58.33%) from the field.

A frustrating season for the Warriors.

The Dubs are no longer ring winning team from the 2017/18 season and there roster was weakened further as Klay Thompson tore his achilles in a pick-up game in pre-season having just come back from an ACL injury that saw him miss the whole of the 2019/20 season.

The consecutive injuries means that it’s been two years since ‘The Splash Brothers’ have been on the court together to lead to Warriors offence.

Without his partner in crime and with Kevin Durant being traded to the Brooklyn Nets in 2020, many fans have been pointing out the increasing reliance on Curry to carry his team to victory.

At 33, the Golden State point guard is running out of time to rediscover the glory from his earlier years and he will be hoping that his personal performances will continue into the 2021/22 season.


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