• Harry Twort

“Once I stepped into a boxing gym I felt at home” Hot Prospect Micky Burke Jr on Boxing during COVID

Earlier this week we caught up with Welterweight prospect Micky “The Gent” Burke Jr. Micky, 20 made his debut back in 2019 with an impressive points win and from then has fought his way through 4 more wins currently leaving him 5-0 with 2 KO’s. Micky fights under Hall Of Fame promoter Frank Warren and looks to make 2022 his best year yet. We spoke to Burke about his goals for 2022, who he’s boxing hero is and more.

What got you into boxing?

“I tried every other sport and it didn’t suit but once I stepped foot Into a boxing gym I felt like I was home.”

You’ve had a taster in the pro game now, was it

hard transitioning from amateur to the pros?

“Yeah, I always suited the pro style so it wasn’t that hard for me to transition from the amateurs”

What was it like boxing during COVID? Must have been weird?

“Yeah it was weird but you gotta do what you gotta do. Just had to get on with it.”

Who was your boxing icon growing up?

“Sugar Ray Robinson, for me I just think his the greatest fighter of all time.”

What do you hope to achieve by the end of 2022?

“To have at least 3 fights and close in on a title.”

With COVID being a big factor in restricting a lot of fighters from getting out for action in the last two years, 2022 looks to big a year for a lot of fighters including Micky Burke Jr who looks to push on for titles this year.